Neeraj Scientific Glass Industries is a Quality Manufacturer of Process Plants and Glass Equipments. Neeraj Scientifics Specializes in Designing, Manufacturing and Installing Standard and Custom range of Glass Equipments including Pipe Sections, Spherical Flasks, Coil Condensers, Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers and much more.

These Pipelines, Fittings and Apparatus are Designed and Produced according to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO-3583, ISO-3585, ISO-3586, ISO-3587 and ISO-4704. These items meet the requirement of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drug and Food Industry for Vaporization, Distillation, Fractionation, Rectification, Extraction, Absorption, Reaction, Crystallization, Adsorption, Concentration and Storage. Neeraj Scientific Glass Industries (NSGI) supplies Components including Glass Pipe, Glass Valves, Glass Spray Pumps, Flange Connection, Glass Vessels and Columns Assembling Metal Frames etc., to a major portion
of the country.

Neeraj Scientifics Dedicated Team of Experts has a proven ability to Design, Supply, Erect and Commission 'Complete Process Systems'.

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